Founded on the banks of the Sanhauá River, João Pessoa is the capital of the state of Paraíba and has a population of more than 720,000 people. With its summer-like weather all year round, the city provides a shoreline of more than 14 miles, with warm water beaches ready to be enjoyed. At Cabo Branco beach, one can find the Cabo Branco Lighthouse, considered the easternmost point of the Americas. Near the beaches, one can find bars, restaurants, malls and lodging services.



Featuring a Historic Center full of architectural and cultural wonders, the city also displays beautiful sites such as Hotel Globo, Casa da Pólvora, Centro Cultural São Francisco and the city's landmark, Parque Solon de Lucena, famously known as Lagoa. For nature lovers, the city is known for being the second greenest in the world and offers areas such as Jardim Botânico and Bica, with beautiful landscapes and trails right in the middle of the metropolis.

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Parque da Lagoa
Credit: Rafael Passos (Prefeitura Municipal de João Pessoa)

Estação Cabo Branco – Ciência, Cultura e Artes
Credit: Tacito Alexandro (Flickr)

The III Ales Congress will be held online,

straight from the Center of Humanities, Letters and Art of the Federal University of Paraíba.


Today, the center is one of the biggest in the university and provides a huge infrastructure to accommodate its 11 departments, 13 on-site undergraduate courses, 2 online undergraduate courses and 14 graduate programs.